Animation Libraries
plastic surgery animation library
Plastic Surgery
Includes over 40 plastic surgery animations such as Breast Augmentation
orthopaedics animation library
Includes over 50 orthopaedic animations of the Knee, Shoulder, Hip, and more
dermatology animation library
Includes over 20 skin animations such as Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers
spine animation library
Includes over 30 animations covering many Spine Conditions and Procedures
breast cancer animation library
Breast Cancer
Covers Cancer Screening, Treatment, and Breast Reconstruction
hair animation library
Includes 8 hair loss and restoration animations such as Hair Transplants
Deep Dives®
knee deep dive
Interactive 3D Knee Anatomy and Pathology
shoulder deep dive
Interactive 3D Shoulder Anatomy and Pathology
hip deep dive
Interactive 3D Hip Anatomy and Pathology
urology deep dive
Interactive 3D Urinary System Anatomy
male deep dive
Interactive 3D Male Reporoductive System Anatomy
Digital Assets
Hundreds of Images
Explore our curated collection of stand-alone images
150+ Animations
Explore our curated collection of stand-alone animations
custom animation and illustration
Custom Animations and Illustrations
Let our talented and experienced team make your custom project a reality
PANS and PANDAS Infographic
Posters, booklets, and digital downloads explaining PANS and PANDAS

Custom Animation and Illustration

Whether you need to demonstrate a complex mechanism of action, showcase the functionality of your new medical device, or produce a detailed surgical guide for a cutting-edge technique,® is here to bring your vision to life.® creates high quality custom animations and illustrations accurately, quickly, and within your budget.

Our Process
What We Do
custom medical device
Medical Devices
With former medical device product managers on our team, we understand your world and are ready to collaborate with you to create amazing content that fully demonstrates your product and effectively educates sales reps and physicians.
custom surgical procedure
Surgical Procedures
Each member of our creative team specializes in anatomical and medical visualization. Let our writers, animators, and illustrators translate your complex surgical procedure into a visually powerful and educational story for your intended audience.
custom islet cell
Cellular, Molecular, & Pharmacological
From animating the drug MOAs of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world to demonstrating the molecular mechanisms behind a rare autoimmune disorder, our creative team understands science on a small scale and will work to visualize your project with accuracy and creativity.
custom lung tumor
Your Project
Do you have an idea for an animation or illustration you don’t see here? Just ask. Our team is open to taking on any project, large or small, and we welcome new challenges.
laptop showing custom eye illustration
Your Custom Project

Need a medical expert to review your project? No problem. Having trouble finding a voiceover artist who specializes in complex medical terminology to narrate your animation? We have you covered. At®, we walk you through every step of what can often be a complicated and confusing production process. We have all of the necessary people and assets available to turn your ideas into an exceptional animation or illustration.® specializes in both 3D medical animation and 2D illustration. Let our talented and experienced team of medical writers, animators, and illustrators make your project a reality.

Our Clients
HSS Dermapen Coolsculpting Stryker JJ
AAOS Zimmer ASPS Allergan PG
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