We create high quality custom medical animations and illustrations accurately, quickly, and within budget.

Whether you need to demonstrate a complex mechanism of action, showcase the functionality of your new medical device, or produce a detailed surgical guide for a cutting-edge technique, Understand is here to bring your vision to life.

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Medical Devices

With former medical device product managers on our team, we understand your world and are ready to collaborate with you to create amazing content that fully demonstrates your product and effectively educates sales reps and physicians.

Surgical Procedures

Each member of our creative team specializes in anatomical and medical visualization. Let our writers, animators, and illustrators translate your complex surgical procedure into a visually powerful and educational story for your intended audience.

Cellular & Molecular

From animating the drug MOAs of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world to demonstrating the molecular mechanisms behind a rare autoimmune disorder, our creative team understands science on a small scale and will work to visualize your project with accuracy and creativity.

Common Questions about Custom Medical Animations

How much does it cost to create a custom medical animation?

The cost of a custom animation depends on multiple factors such as the length (runtime) of the animation, the complexity of the subject matter, and whether or not you plan to provide any assets for the animation (script, CAD files, etc.).

Most custom projects typically start at $12,000 for 90-120 seconds of animation. If we are providing professional narration, the price will be built into the total animation cost. We will provide you with a detailed proposal and quote explaining the total cost based on your project specifics.

If you have a limited budget, let us know and we will discuss how we can creatively achieve your project objectives while staying within your price range.

How long does it take to create a custom medical animation?

The production time for a custom animation depends upon the length (runtime) of the animation, the complexity of the subject matter, and your internal review process and turnaround time for feedback.

The pre-production stage of developing the script and storyboard typically takes 2-4 weeks. The production stage of the animation is highly variable depending upon your specific project, but most take an additional 4-8 weeks.

Most custom animations have a runtime of 2-5 minutes and take approximately 6-12 weeks to complete.

What do I need to provide for a custom medical animation?

We will ask you to provide either a script or an outline of the proposed project, broadly explaining the animation storyline and what you would like to see on screen.

We will also ask you to provide any 3D CAD files that you may have of devices or products featured in your animation in order to guarantee accuracy and save time and money on production.

Additionally, any visual or written references, branding and style guides, procedural guides, or marketing materials that you can provide will help us bring your vision to life.

In Good Company

Understand creates medical animations for Fortune-500 companies and highly respected medical associations like the ASPS and AOSSM.

Hospital for Special Surgery
Johnson & Johnson
Procter & Gamble
Moleculera Labs

Our Process

We walk you through every step of the custom animation process. We have all of the necessary people and assets available to turn your ideas into an exceptional animation or illustration.

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Understand specializes in 3D medical animation and illustration. Let our talented team of medical writers, animators, and illustrators make your project a reality.