Animation Libraries
plastic surgery animation library
Plastic Surgery
Includes over 40 plastic surgery animations such as Breast Augmentation
orthopaedics animation library
Includes over 50 orthopaedic animations of the Knee, Shoulder, Hip, and more
dermatology animation library
Includes over 20 skin animations such as Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers
spine animation library
Includes over 30 animations covering many Spine Conditions and Procedures
breast cancer animation library
Breast Cancer
Covers Cancer Screening, Treatment, and Breast Reconstruction
hair animation library
Includes 8 hair loss and restoration animations such as Hair Transplants
Deep Dives®
knee deep dive
Interactive 3D Knee Anatomy and Pathology
shoulder deep dive
Interactive 3D Shoulder Anatomy and Pathology
hip deep dive
Interactive 3D Hip Anatomy and Pathology
urology deep dive
Interactive 3D Urinary System Anatomy
male deep dive
Interactive 3D Male Reporoductive System Anatomy
Digital Assets
Hundreds of Images
Explore our curated collection of stand-alone images
150+ Animations
Explore our curated collection of stand-alone animations
custom animation and illustration
Custom Animations and Illustrations
Let our talented and experienced team make your custom project a reality
PANS and PANDAS Infographic
Posters, booklets, and digital downloads explaining PANS and PANDAS

About Us

Our Story
Historically there has been a huge gap in communication between doctors and patients. Doctors are frequently overwhelmed, overloaded, and often simply do not know how to effectively communicate the complex subject matter their patients need to understand. This can leave patients confused, frustrated, and unable to ask questions they need to actively participate in their own care. We saw this hurdle as an opportunity to provide high-quality, accurate products that both empower doctors and educate patients.® is a global medical education company that is proud to have educated over 10,000,000 patients worldwide. Our unparalleled 3D medical animations are at the core of the patient learning experience. Our content clearly explains complex MOAs, disease pathologies, surgical techniques and procedures, as well as treatment methods for an assortment of medical topics.

Strategic corporate partners include Johnson & Johnson, Allergan, Mentor, Stryker, AAOS, ASPS, and numerous other medical device and pharmaceutical companies.
the understand team
Executive Team
Darik Volpa
Darik Volpa
Founder and CEO

Professional Experience

Darik Volpa began his professional career in 1994 with Stryker Corporation, a $7B orthopedic device manufacturer. He was responsible for several large product lines and launched over 50 medical devices. Darik turned around several lagging product lines and brought them up to industry leading growth rates with substantial increases in market share. He was recognized with various awards for his performance including “Marketing Professional of the Year”.

In 2003, Darik resigned from Stryker to start®, a global medical education company that uses 3D animation to explain complex diseases, conditions, and procedures.

Under Darik’s leadership, Understand has experienced nine consecutive years of record sales growth. In 2010, Understand was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the United States coming in at 1,354 in the Inc. 5,000.

Leah Moak
Leah Moak
Creative Director


Leah Moak graduated from the University of Illinois in Chicago with a Master of Science in Biomedical Visualization. She began working at as part of the animation team after graduation, but her role quickly expanded to encompass the entire animation process, and eventually into her current position as Creative Director. Leah has a diverse background in fine art, medical multimedia, information design, marketing, and production. Her experiences range from scientific writing and research, to multimedia creation, to managing the production process for large custom animations. Leah possesses passionate attention to detail and the ability to problem-solve and coordinate a variety of resources in order to successfully meet the creative goals of the many diverse projects that are undertaken at

Leah has managed projects for clients such as Allergan, Stryker, ASPS, and HSS.

Dre Simanowski
Andreas Simanowski
Vice President of Technology

Industry Veteran

Andreas Simanowski is a technology professional with over 15 years experience developing successful products, engineering teams, and growing companies. Prior to joining Andreas managed teams of all sizes, in startups and mature companies, and has demonstrated success overcoming technology and business challenges to deliver product on limited staff, budget, and timeline.


Andreas holds degrees in Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario and has various patents and publications issued.

Craig Macy
Craig Macy
Product and Technology Officer


Prior to Understand, Craig Macy served as Vice President of Products and Customer Care for Agile Software where he had operational and budgetary responsibilities for the $32 million, 175-person development organization. Under his product leadership, Agile grew to over $100 million in revenue, resulting in a successful NASDAQ IPO in 1999, and acquisition by Oracle for $495 million in 2007. Craig has built a career helping companies of all sizes navigate the ever-changing technological landscape, while strategically evolving their product lines. Craig has previously served as Entrepreneur in Residence for Haws Corporation, and most recently as legal counsel and strategic advisor to dozens of emerging growth companies across the Mountain West region.


Craig graduated Summa Cum Laude from Wichita State University with a degree in Analytic Philosophy and earned his law degree from Harvard Law School.

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