We help hospitals and physicians convert and educate visitors with the best patient education videos on the planet.

  • Generate more leads from your website
  • Save significant time during consultations
  • Improve patient satisfaction, outcomes, and referrals
  • Set your practice apart from competitors

Educated patients make better patients.

Here's a white paper with peer-reviewed studies to back it up:

Patient Education Insights Whitepaper

"Physicians who educate their patients by providing detailed animated videos about their procedure are rewarded with more satisfied patients, better patient compliance, and more referrals."

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Your patients don’t want to read a wall of text to understand

Does your website look like this?
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Or like Dr. Boynton's?
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There's a reason why YouTube.com is the second most visited website in the world - people love watching videos.

Our medical animations are the best way for you to educate your patients on conditions, treatments, and surgical procedures both during consultations and on your website.

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Deep Dives

Medical Animations

Explore hundreds of anatomically correct and accurate medical animations across 6 specialties including Plastic Surgery, Orthopaedics, and Dermatology. Animations can be purchased individually or as a library to suit your needs.

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anatomically correct and accurate medical images

Stock Medical Images

Explore hundreds of high-resolution medical images across specialties including Breast Cancer, Urology, and Spine that are available for purchase.

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Interactive Deep Dives

Interactive Deep Dives

Understand.com® offers a collection of elegant interactive web applications that use powerful 3D visuals and illustrations to showcase various anatomical parts and systems. The attention to detail and anatomical accuracy of these applications make them excellent tools for helping people better understand the human body.

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PANS and PANDAS Infographic

Understanding PANS and PANDAS

Understand.com® is excited to announce the release of its new infographic product line of patient brochures and posters focused on pediatric diseases. Our first release, Understanding PANS and PANDAS, was developed in collaboration with Stanford University and the PANDAS Network and focuses on PANS and PANDAS patient education.

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Custom Animation and Illustration
Specializing in both 3D medical animation and 2D illustration, our talented and experienced team is ready to make your project a reality accurately, quickly, and within your budget.
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Quality and Accuracy Guaranteed

We know there’s a lot of medical content out there, but we promise that we’re a cut above. With our medical advisory board and an expert team of medical writers, artists, and programmers, we are dedicated to providing the most accurate and highest-quality medical animations, illustrations, and interactive media available today.

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All animations are approved by our medical board of physicians for accuracy and clarity

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We operate in 34 countries and have educated over 10,000,000 patients globally

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Our entire creative team is trained professionally in medical illustration and animation