Physicians consistently overestimate patient literacy

The average patient retains just three out of twelve facts told to them by their physician. This often leaves patients feeling uncertain about their healthcare choices.

Learn how patient education bridges this communication gap, increases patient satisfaction, and ultimately leads to more referrals.

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The role of patient education in healthcare services

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Health Literacy

Low health literacy affects more than 90 million adults in the U.S.

Health literacy is an individual’s ability to obtain, understand, and absorb the basic information needed to make good decisions about their own healthcare. Low health literacy leads to “overall poorer health outcomes” and costs billions of dollars each year.

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“Knowledge is Power”

When patients understand their treatment plan, they feel more optimistic and are more likely to adhere to recommendations. For patients, surgery is a leap of faith. But knowledge is power, and information gives patients a sense of control. If they have a better understanding of what’s going to happen, it’s better for everyone.

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Patient Education Tools

Plastic surgery animation library

The plastic surgery animation library contains 50 3D medical animations depicting a variety of plastic surgery procedures that address the challenges of healthcare literacy, help differentiate your practice and website, and provide a superior patient education experience.

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Patient Education Tools

Explore our collection of 500+ animations

Explore over 500 anatomically correct and accurate medical animations in over 25 different specialties including Plastic Surgery, Orthopaedics, and Dermatology. Animations can be purchased individually or as a library to suit your needs.

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