Deep Dive Hip® introduces Deep Dive Hip, an elegant interactive that supports powerful visuals with unparalleled detail. The attention and accuracy built into this application will serve as a foundation for students to understand the anatomy and pathologies of the hip.


Rotate the hip, select to view the model in three positions, turn on and off anatomical structures, explore relevant pathologies, watch live surgical videos, and browse still images of documented conditions. No other medical application for the hip offers a more complete experience.

Interactive 3D Hip Anatomy


Learn about the most common pathologies affecting the hip, for example, osteoarthritis or impingement.

Hip Pathologies

media rich

Deep Dives combine 3D animation with live surgical video, audio narration, and still images. The collection offers users a media rich experience and the opportunity of deep exploration into 3D anatomically accurate models.

Media Browser

platform independent

PC, Mac, iPad, Android. Doesn’t matter, all you need is a web browser. Access your Deep Dive collection from the class room, the operating room, your doctor’s office, or even in the comfort of your own home.

Platform Independent