Back to News® Launches New e-Learning Platform for Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Professionals

understand university platform today announced the launch of its own custom-built e-learning platform, Understand University, designed specifically for medical device and pharmaceutical professionals who need to better understand anatomy, medical procedures, and product training.

“Current e-learning platforms used by healthcare companies are sorely inadequate. They are needlessly complex with average content at best. Asking them to create new features or content takes forever and costs a fortune,” said Darik Volpa, Founder and CEO of “Leveraging our existing medical education content, combined with our ability to create custom content makes this a natural extension of our business, and provides a much-needed educational solution for medical professionals.”

With ten years of experience in sales, marketing, and sales training for a Fortune 500 medical device company, Volpa and his technology team set out on a year-long effort to build a new platform that offers an exceptional online learning experience that was different than anything else on the market,” says Volpa. “Putting a PowerPoint online and expecting it to effectively educate users simply doesn’t cut it.”

The initial rollout of Understand University has been met with raving reviews from medical device companies. “I have never had the reception to a new product launch like Understand University. We have already signed six significant licensing agreements before the product was even completed. Large institutional education companies will find this product very disruptive.” says Volpa.

The Understand University e-Learning platform is intuitive to use, so medical device and pharmaceutical representatives can log-in and access a complete dashboard of training tools including course catalogues ranging from such medical topics such as arthroscopy, gynecology and urology to the latest medical video products.

“Many of Apple’s greatest successes were simply improvements on existing products with a sleek and intuitive user interface. We have done this and then populated the platform with Understand’s breadth of original medical content. The system is easy-to-use and highly customizable,” said Ian Berry-Jewett, vice president of technology for

View a complete demo of the Understand University e-Learning platform.

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