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The Importance of Website Video Content for Physicians

The Importance of Website Video Content for Physicians

To ensure strong patient a­cquisition and provide valuable educational resources, high-quality website content should be a priority for your practice. Did you know that 93% of web experiences begin with a search engine1 and Google receives more than 1 billion health related search inquiries each day2. Now more than ever, video plays a key role as the most valuable type of web content, accounting for 82% of all online traffic3.

Video is King

It’s no surprise that modern consumers prefer to watch video versus read an article. Physicians are making this shift, and when combined with great website content, they are seeing great results. Not to discredit the importance of a well-designed website including articles and blogs, but video is now the most valuable content and must be featured prominently to drive website performance.

In 2017 people watched an average of 16 hours of online video each week. Additionally, 96% of people watch video to learn more about a product or service, further reinforcing the argument for video content4. Video content gives users visual stimulation, which adds uniqueness to your website, builds trust, keeps visitors on your site longer, and as a result, they are more likely to return to your website and contact your office for more information.

When adding video to your website, ensure that the content is relevant, educational, and of high value to prospective patients. In other words, don’t add video content simply to add video content. is home to the most accurate and high-quality medical animations available today.

Optimizing video HTML will also help the search engines to better categorize your website and its contents. Some of the suggested tips for video HTML optimization include submitting a video sitemap, video markups, adding relevant video titles, including your tags for better website indexing, relevant video descriptions, and even video transcripts.

Other Uses for Video Content

Well curated video content can set you apart from your competition and is a great way to feature content that would otherwise be challenging to communicate. For example, when you want to describe a medical procedure in a clear, easy to understand format. Animated videos can contain popular or desired keywords in the form of title, description, transcript, and more. Animated content is a great investment as it serves to educate while improving the performance of your website. Beyond your website, videos can serve as valuable content for:

  • Social Media: The average daily usage of social media is 2 hours and 25 minutes5. With respect to the type of social media, video content is now eclipsing that of text and image content. With high quality video content, you can better reach and engage your target audience.
  • Waiting room: The patient waiting room is a great place to display video content. It is highly relevant, engaging, educational, and entertaining for your patients while they wait. These videos can point back to your website for more information, further increasing website traffic.
  • Advertising: Web-based ads have established themselves as the highest performing of all ad media types. Carefully curated and targeted ads pointing to high-quality video content are more engaging and yield the best results.
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