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Interactive 3D Knee Anatomy and Pathology
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New Photo-Realistic 3D Animation Enhancements Across All Animation Libraries

As the industry leader in web-based patient education content, has once again raised the bar with the announcement of their new photo-realistic 3D animation model upgrades. The new models are incredibly life-like, depicting greater anatomical detail, features and overall beauty. The animation upgrade will automatically take place for existing clients throughout 2010 as upgrades current content, as well as all new content in development. Upgrades are scheduled to begin in Q1 of this year.

“We place an extremely high value on the quality of our animations,” stresses Darik Volpa, Founder and CEO of, “by constantly re-investing in our content, we continually deliver great value to our physician and corporate clients and remain the gold standard in 3D patient education.”

Through innovative developments in 3D animation modeling, has the ability to quickly and effectively render extremely high quality content. “Not only will our existing animation libraries be enhanced, but this commitment to a higher standard of quality allows us to better serve the medical device and pharma industries,” states Rob Griffin, Senior Vice President of Business Development. “With this new photo-realistic modeling, we can more accurately highlight the mechanism of action (MOA) of a company’s specific device or drug, which ultimately leads to better teaching and educational material for sales professionals, surgeons, and patients.”

Along with the upgraded animation, has expanded its in-house animation team. “The new animators bring a wealth of experience, along with a diverse background and advanced degrees in medical illustration.” adds Don Massie, Director of Content Development. “We have conducted a nationwide search for the best and brightest medical animators and are thrilled with the new additions to our animation team.”

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Iphone Laser Hair Removal Animation

Updated HD Laser Hair Removal Animation Now Available in Spanish and Portuguese® is very proud to announce the expansion of our foreign language animations with the release of the updated Laser Hair Removal anim...

Patients who have suffered traumatic hip injuries are often candidates for partial hip replacement surgery, during which only the head of the femur is replaced. is proud to announce that our Partial Hip Replacement animation has been updated and now is available in our new high definition format. This updated animation explains the difference between partial and total hip replacement, the partial hip replacement procedure, risks associated with partial hip replacement, and more!

Take a look at the Partial Hip Replacement Teaser above!

Subscribers to our Orthopaedic Library will have Partial Hip Replacement automatically updated within their libraries at no extra cost.

Prospective customers who are interested in licensing our animations, please do not hesitate to contact one of customer service representatives today at 1.775.851.3420!® is dedicated to bringing our customers the most accurate and highest-quality patient education tools available!

Partial Hip Replacement is the latest HD update to’s® Orthopaedic Library

Patients who have suffered traumatic hip injuries are often candidates for partial hip replacement surgery, during which only the head of the ...