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Educate your patients about the treatment options, surgery, and reconstruction techniques regarding breast cancer by embedding the 3D Breast Cancer Animation Library into your practice’s website.

Care and Caring

The role of patient education in the delivery of healthcare services

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“Physicians who educate their patients by providing detailed animated videos about their medical conditions, treatments and surgical procedures are rewarded with better outcomes, more satisfied patients, and more referrals.”
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hd medical animations

The Breast Cancer Library is currently made up of 10 high-definition medical animations. By covering topics from discovery to reconstruction, the Breast Cancer Library is an in-depth educational resource for your patients.

medical review board

The Breast Cancer library is thoroughly reviewed for accuracy by established breast cancer physicians.

Death rates from breast cancer have been declining since about 1989, with larger decreases in women younger than 50.


Your practice’s logo and website colors are integrated into your animation library to give it a cohesive and consistent look.

doctor notes

Annotate any step of any animation with personal commentary.

Reinforce your skills as a surgeon by highlighting your experience and associations.

Currently, there is still no conclusive evidence that diet influences breast cancer risk.

platform independent

Whether your patients are using a desktop, laptop, or an iPad, they will have no trouble viewing your animation library.

if you don’t like us, it’s ok

Although we are pretty sure it’s not going to happen, you can cancel your service within 30 days of licensing and receive a full refund.

Mammography lowers the risk of breast cancer death by at least 10-15%; some studies suggest more.

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