Understand University

A better way to learn

We were frustrated too with the complex and outdated solutions being offered by large institutional learning companies. That’s why we spent 18 months building our own learning management system from the ground up.

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simple, intuitive, elegant

Train your sales force using the industry’s only learning management system built specifically for medical device and pharmaceutical reps. Understand University dramatically raises the bar for online education by combining an intuitive user interface with world-class medical education.

UU Interface Screenshots


As an administrator, you have absolute control of your university. Design and structure courses how you see fit: choose which students access what courses, designate the number of questions per course, set a minimum passing grade, and establish a maximum number of attempts. The options are nearly endless.

Have a question? Need some help? Want to do something unique? No problem. Our content and technology teams are at your disposal.

UU Interface Screenshots

broad media support

Courses in Understand University can house a wide variety of media. From images to video, if you can attach it to an email, you can add it to a course.

platform independent

Desktop, laptop, iPad… All you need is a web browser and an internet connection to access Understand University.

Great Products Don’t Need Instructions

iPhones and iPads don’t come with instructions. Neither does Understand University. Our editor really outshines other learning management systems: with an intuitive point-and-click editor interface, it allows you to effortlessly create courses and organize content. Understand University is the simplest e-Learning platform to manage (we’ve checked), and we know you’ll love using it.

UU Content Management System