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News® Expands Plastic Surgery Library with the release of the Labiaplasty Animation


Did you know that the number of labiaplasty procedures performed has increased by over 200% in the past five years? ® is excited to announce the release of our latest HD Plastic Surgery animation: Labiaplasty. This brand-new animation explains anatomy, the labiaplasty procedure and surgical techniques, risks associated with labiaplasty, the post-operative recovery process, and more!

Check out the Labiaplasty Teaser here.

Subscribers to our Plastic Surgery Library will have Labiaplasty automatically added to their libraries at no extra cost.

Prospective customers who are interested in licensing our animations, please do not hesitate to contact one of customer service representatives today at 1.775.851.3420! ® is dedicated to bringing our customers the most accurate and highest-quality patient education tools available!